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Entertainment for your beloved seniors, made easy

Gear up your seniors, we are launching soon!

The only app grandma needs 

Let go of the hassle of teaching multiple applications.

Reshuffle's easy-to-use interface allows your senior to seamlessly scroll through curated content that caters to their every need, without being overwhelmed.

No time to teach? No problem.


to WATCH content that engages her, 

Share YouTube videos to entertain your beloved seniors, news articles to educate them or even old photos to conjure up pleasant memories.

Reshuffle's algorithm curates their feed daily regardless of whether you send content one at a time or in bulk, so that you can share at your convenience and seniors can consume it at theirs.

to PLAY games to activate her mind, 

Watch them curb boredom by completing quizzes, participating in polls and playing games that sharpen their mind. 


Reshuffle will  track their performance and improvements to send you periodic reports on their progress and well being or alert you when needed.


to SHARE stories she can't wait to tell

Reshuffle will ask them questions like “Is there a place you really wish to visit?” “Do you like mountains or beaches?” “Tell us your favourite travel story.” on your behalf, for you to know them a little better.

Reshuffle will send you a compilation of their heartwarming answers to help strengthen the bond between you and your beloved senior.

and to instill a feeling of achievement.

Reshuffle's daily feed builds anticipation and lets seniors earn points upon completing challenges and tasks. This gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement that is often lacking in their day to day lives.


These points can be spent in-app or redeemed for discounts. 

Simple UI/UX



Daily interaction

Imagine a scenario where you’ve lost touch with your friends, where you have forgotten how to use a smartphone, and you’re just a silent observer with a limited role to play in a fast moving world.

Just close your eyes and imagine what life would be like.

Disastrous right? Now you know what it feels like to be a grandparent in the 21st century… until today.

Reshuffle let’s you share content that you consume, with your not-so young but ever-so loved ones, to keep them digitally engaged even without your presence.

Give seniors something to look forward to everyday!

Why are we building this?

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