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The ultimate leisure app for older adults.

Unlock a world of tailored entertainment and heartfelt connections for your beloved elders.





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Reshuffle is an entertainment app designed specially for older adults. In one seamless experience, we deliver curated entertainment, allow sharing of memories, and increase heartwarming interactions within the family. 

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Why are we building this?

Imagine a scenario where you've lost touch with your friends, your family is often preoccupied, & you struggle with technology that could've otherwise helped you. It makes you feel like a silent observer in a fast moving world.  

You worry that if you experiment with your smartphone you might get stuck or make an error, requiring help from your family & ending up burdening them more. 

Reshuffle reimagines entertainment apps for seniors, allowing them to be digitally engaged even when we are not physically present.


What We Offer for Older Adults

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Personalized Feed

Designed to mimic the familar feel of skimming through a magazine, we ensure seniors can easily explore a wide variety of meaningful content better than sketchy whatsapp forwards, or brain-dead reels. Family members can also personally curate this feed. 

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Generational Bridge

Reshuffle provides a platform for seniors to share invaluable wisdom, stories and memories. This feature bridges the generation gap, fosters family bonds and gives seniors a sense of joy and purpose.


Cognitive Fitness 

Keep the mind sharp & active with our engaging but simple brain exercises. Designed to improve dexterity, reflexes & memory, our cognitive fitness features promote mental wellbeing while providing an enjoyable passtime.

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Interactive Fun

Our interactive features boost intellectual stimulation & social engagement. With games, quizes, and polls, seniors can voice opinions, test knowledge and enjoy the thrill of friendly competition, bringing excitement to each day. 

To WATCH content that engages her.. 

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THE ONLY APP grandma needs

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Reshuffle helps Juniors too!

In the swift current of life, where you're balancing work, friends, & personal goals, you feel a tug of guilt for not engaging more with your beloved grandparents.


While you know that they too silently long for a deeper bond, tech hurdles, divergent routines, & contrasting interests impede your scattered attempts. Although you are aware you should increase your efforts or time spent, it's easy to neglect this amidst your rush. 


Ease your guilt & bridge the communication gap with Reshuffle.

Gift your elders digital freedom & independence and integrate them into your tech-savvy world.

What We Offer for Juniors

Boost Interactions

Increase interactions with a minimal incremental increase in effort & time spent. 

  1. Integrates with Junior's regularly used platforms. (Whatsapp, Insta, Snap)

  2. Gamified interactions for competition within family.

  3. AI aided topic suggestions & automated responses.

No teaching burden

No more reteaching tech or needing to convince elders to use apps.

  1. Senior friendly design - One UX across features.

  2. High trust, no ads, no upsell.

  3. Minimize their tech related anxieties​.

  4.  Digital enjoyment for elders independent of juniors.

Memory hub

Platform for your seniors to share their stories & wisdom 

  1. Make your elders feel heard valued & appreciated.

  2. Accessible at your own time in one place.

  3. AI powered summaries,  updates & auto responses.

  4. Lasting treasure trove of precious memories.

Peace of mind 

Be reassured that your senior is happy & well connected with their friends & loved ones.

  1. Track their wellness & cognitive fitness.

  2. Set in-app reminders or incentives for activities.

  3. Push better content to them or protect them from fake or toxic content if needed.

Decoding senior boredom has driven our innovation

Boredom among seniors is more complex than simply having time to fill. It is intricately linked to the shifting human needs as their lives change - family dynamics, social circles & personal responsibilities. Recognizing this complex relationship helps us understand their emotional wellbeing. 

At Reshuffle, we dedicated significant time to decoding senior boredom and our findings directly guided the design of all our features. While some features may seem like traditional entertainment options at a glance, each interaction is meticulously crafted to evoke specific feelings. Feelings that, when fulfilled, can mitigate the isolation and emptiness often mistaken for boredom.


Reshuffle reintroduces feelings of anticipation, achievement & validation, back into the lives of seniors, addressing boredom at its core. 


What Our First Few Users Think

Maza aata hai, roj answer dete hue. Mast savaal puchte hai ye log. Without Reshuffle such memories would be wasted. Its good that it's all saved for my grandchildren.

I'm also proud because this was the first app I signed up on my own.

I didn't have to wait for Amlan. 
(Translated from Odia)

Sunita Jena, 60


Its good to see my nani so satisfied cause she feels like she interacts with us cousins a lot more now, & feels involved. We don't have to do much, I just forward stuff to the whatsapp bot like once a week, but she feels remembered everyday! 

I'm able to show her better content instead of fake videos all day.

Anuj Shah, 23
San Francisco

It fit well into my routine, it's like a modern day magazine.  I open Reshuffle everyday at 4/5 pm with my tea. My wife does it in the morning actually. 
Brain exercise is good, but I have even asked them to make a Yoga or exercise card, which Mihir has promised he will do soon. 

Bharat Zaveri, 77


Download now and get early access!

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