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boredom among seniors

Boredom among seniors isn't a mere absence of activity or entertainment. It cannot be fully alleviated by watching videos or reading interesting content - these serve as just temporary distractions.

Boredom often refers to the outwardly visible symptom of a complex build up of various negative feelings: lack of meaningful engagement, unaddressed emotions & unfulfilled needs.

Sometimes even the more extreme feelings of isolation and loneliness can manifest itself as chronic boredom. 

Solving for this involves more than just helping them pass their time. Instead, it requires a focus on filling a void that's rooted in their evolving life dynamics. 

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To effectively combat boredom and loneliness among seniors, it is crucial to delve more into these root causes. Over the past year, we at Reshuffle have diligently and cautiously researched these causes and experimented with solutions that may help improve the quality of life of seniors.


For juniors - entertainment that instils curiosity, excitement and engagement is enough to appease their boredom. 

For seniors, this is not enough. As retirees, homemakers, and geriatrics, they experience a dimininshing sense of fulfilment and purpose in their day to day lives. As their children become independent or move away, as they retire and no longer need to earn a living,  and as health issues enroach upon their routines, their responsiblities decrease significantly. 

The mental engagement derived from these responsibilities vanishes, along with the sense of purpose gained from earning for a household or caring for a family. The satisfaction of a challenging day's work and the anticipation of what each new day will bring are no longer present.

These are some of the factors that feed into the feeling of emptiness that manifests itself as either 'boredom' or 'loneliness'

So for them to feel fulfillingly entertained - more of these underlying needs have to be addressed.

Every feature we offer is carefully designed to evoke these specific feelings

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